Now that’s over, what comes next

I hope all of you are holding up well – staying safe and healthy in this uncertain time.

The Kansas Legislature wrapped up the first part of the 2020 Session on Thursday, March 19. We passed out a budget, a 10-year transportation plan, and a few other needed pieces of legislation, and a few that we really needed under the circumstances. We’re tentatively set to return on April 27 to wrap up items we pushed off in the face of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Now that the session is over, I want to turn my attention to you – and ask what it is I can do to serve and help you during this time?

We’re in uncharted waters here – none of us has lived through anything like this. We’ve never seen a global pandemic of this sort, and we’ve never been effectively quarantined. We haven’t seen entire segments of our economy shut down. We’ve not seen places of employment, or schools, shut down for weeks or months. All of this is new – and our response to this is going to be new as well.

I fear we’re going to be in for a very rough ride. The effects on the economy are just beginning – and will likely last well into this year. Combined with the strain of isolation and restrictions on our normal daily lives, I worry that we’ll see dramatic increases in depression and anxiety. For instance, I rely on my family and friends to keep my mind right. I’m generally extroverted, and being around people I love and enjoy is where I recharge. It’s how I flesh out my thoughts and ideas, and it’s how I feed my creativity. So I’m worried about how I’m going to fare though this – and I also worry how others will do in this time.

So I’ve set my thoughts to what to do next. I don’t really know. I’m taking suggestions, and I hope you’ll share what might help you in the coming months – and we’ll see if together we can come up with some good ideas. It might be something as simple as a “virtual” coffee or a sort of Ask Me Anything session. Whatever thoughts you have, I hope you’ll not be shy about sharing them.

In the meantime, there are a couple of things I know I can do. First, I can provide you with the lastest information and resources you might be able to use if you’ve lost your job, or are otherwise facing difficulty. Below, I’ve included two documents that contain some information and links to resources. It might be of use to you – and if you have any difficulty accessing these resources or navigating state government, please let me know so I can help.

  Corona Virus Legislative Resources
Resource guide

Aside from providing information and helping you answer questions, I also plan to spread around whatever money I can. I don’t have a ton of extra money, but I’m going to be very intentional about budgeting additional money to be spent locally. One of my biggest fears is that some of my favorite local businesses won’t be able to weather this and emerge on the other side. Whatever we all can do to help will be dramatically helpful to our neighbors and friends.

Otherwise, let’s take care of one another. It’s a trying time – more trying for some than others. Every one of us will be dealing with this in our own way. A measure of grace and understanding will go a long way – as well as a recognition that though we might be told to spend time alone – we’re all in this together.

Take care. Send me your ideas. And if you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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  • Posted March 20, 2020

    Marilyn Bolton

    What a deal this is, Jason! I hope you have some time with your sweet granddaughter. I hope you can see her. — Thank you for your message.

  • Posted March 20, 2020

    Jen lyle

    Thank you for all your doing !

  • Posted March 23, 2020


    We from labor appreciate everything you do for working families across Kansas. Keep up the good work!

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