Letter to KCC regarding earthquakes in Hutchinson area

So, after the previous two weeks of earthquakes with an epicenter just outside of Hutchinson – and after hearing from a number of people concerned about this activity – I wrote a letter to the Kansas Corporation Commission and the Kansas Geological Survey, asking them to look into things.

Then, after I had the letter completed, another quake hit Hutchinson on Saturday, March 17. I had to go back in and update the letter with new information. Because, apparently, these earthquakes are happening frequently enough that the ink can’t dry on a letter before another one hits.

This afternoon, I sent this letter via email to the KCC and KGS. I’ll send paper copies tomorrow. Instead of just firing off a letter on my own, I asked the rest of the Reno County delegation if they wanted to sign off on the letter. I’m glad to say that they all did, without question. I’m thankful they did, and think that will let the KCC and KGS know that it’s more than one rogue lawmaker asking for answers.

I don’t want Reno County to end up like southern Kansas, and sort of accept earthquakes as a fact of life. Though we’ve seen more, and more intense quakes lately, I think we can still examine the underlying cause and take some action to curb these things.

I hear from people anytime there’s a quake, and I know it’s creating a lot of concern for a lot of people. I don’t know what the answer is, but I know that we can ask the questions and try to get at the answers.

Here’s the letter: Letter to KCC


  • Posted March 20, 2018

    Kimberly white

    Thank you for doing this! I didnt know who to ask but it is a very big concern to me.

  • Posted March 20, 2018

    Delinda L Kaufman

    Although I am not a homeowner, the rental property I live in has had some damage to it because of these earthquakes. We live just south of the gas plants located in South Hutchinson and am beginning to wonder if it may be something they are doing that is causing these quakes. My Dad worked at one of the gas plants for over 40 years and we never had any issues with quakes. I hope that the root of these quakes can be found and that it stops

  • Posted March 20, 2018

    Ruby Kay Lee

    Thank you for writing this letter. Hopefully we can find out what is causing these earth quakes in Reno, Co.

  • Posted March 20, 2018

    Sumer Foster

    Aside from the grammatical errors, (which surprises me from someone in government) this letter, I think, is well written. It gets our point across—that we need help and we need answers. Thank you very much for doing this! Please keep us posted.

  • Posted March 20, 2018

    Marilyn K. Copeland

    Thanks for your concern. They are no fun and really do scare me since I am on the 6th floor of a high rise. The one we had a couple of weeks ago was the worst one yet as far as I am concerned. I heard a big boom right before my bed went to shaking and my windows started rattling. No fun to experience this for sure.

  • Posted March 20, 2018

    Myrna Christiansen

    Thank you, Jason, for initiating this request for information. I also am concerned about the increase in earthquake activity – what damage it is doing to our homes and how it will eventually affect our property values. Most of us remember the gas explosions and how some areas of Hutch were affected. We can also look at Careyville and how it has been changed. Although neither of these were due to earthquakes, they were caused by circumstances outside of our personal control. I am hoping there is something that can be done to help reduce the frequency and the intensity of the earthquakes.

  • Posted March 22, 2018

    Sunny McElheny

    I appreciate the letter but I am really hoping that you will keep Hutchinson, S. Hutchinson and Reno County residents updated on what you get in reply from them. And I pray that you will keep things very transparent. #feelingveryconcerned

  • Posted April 2, 2018

    J.C. Moore

    The proposed Kansas House Bill 2641 would limit the amount of fracking disposal fluids that can be injected at a given site. It has been introduced, but is not moving through the approval process. Effective legislation is needed in KS to
    restrict the location of disposal wells, limit the amount of wastewater that can be disposed of at a site, limit the pressure which can be used to inject the wastewater, require that any disposal well linked to significant seismic activity be further regulated.

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