Letter to the people of the 102nd District

This past weekend, I sent out a letter introducing myself as the new Representative for the 102nd District of the Kansas House. Since it hit mailboxes, I’ve received a handful of emails and one very pleasant phone call. I hope to get more.

Several people who aren’t in the 102nd District have asked about the letter, and wondered why they didn’t get it. This letter was sent out through the statehouse as part of a “franking”  and newsletter budget. Franking is essentially postage. Here’s the Oxford definition, if you’re interested. I was.

Since I can’t afford to send it out to everyone – it’s fairly expensive to mail these out to everyone – I thought I’d put it up here so everyone can read it.

Let’s do some good things.

  Final introductory letter


  • Posted October 5, 2017

    June Gladden

    The kind of letter and the kind of person I want to represent me and my family and friends. You are a very special person Mr. Probst.

    • Posted October 5, 2017


      Thank you Mrs. Gladden. You had a big hand in whatever I’ve ever done or been. I hope you always know that.

  • Posted October 7, 2017

    Marlys Bernard

    I am so pleased you are MY representative in Topeka now! You are level headed; and your background makes you a perfect fit for this position. I wish you the best in the future as you represent the 102nd.

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