Info on PUA, PEUC, and other new unemployment-related acronyms

For those of you who have are self-employed, gig workers, or otherwise traditionally don’t qualify for unemployment benefits, that portion of the federal package will be operational on Tuesday, May 12. That’s known as PUA, or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Not to be confused with PUMBA, the adorable Warthog from The Lion King.

Mostly, I’m using this post as a way to put up a bunch of information that has come down from the Kansas Department of Labor. It’s all PDF, and that works better here than on social media.

Here’s a graphic that explains the new federal programs created in response to Covid-19.

  Federal Legislation Infographic

Here are some FAQs on PUA.

  PUA FAQs (5.5.20)

Here are some FAQs on PEUC.

  PEUC FAQs (5.5.20)

There have been a lot of questions about what a person should do if he or she disputes a finding regarding unemployment benefits.

  Appeals FAQs (5.6.20)
  Adjudications FAQs (5.5.20)

And lastly, there have been even more questions about how the state will handle disputes between employers and employees, if there’s a call back to work, but the employee has underlying health conditions, or otherwise feels unsafe returning to work. Essentially, those will be handled case-by-case. But here are some questions that might help guide you through the process.

  Job Refusal Information (5.11.20) (002)

Hopefully, this is helpful in navigating the alphabet soup that is now part of the world of unemployment assistance. As always, if you have questions or need help with anything, please reach out.

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  • Posted May 12, 2020


    Good job Jason. Thank you for the information you always send.

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