Coronavirus update – April 1, 2020

All – I hope you’re taking care of yourselves, and doing everything you can to stay healthy during this time.

I wanted to update everyone on a few things.

First, the Kansas Department of Labor is swamped with historically a high number of unemployment claims. I know that doesn’t do a thing to help you or your family if you’ve lost your job. But the Governor and the Secretary of Labor are doing yeoman’s work to reallocate resources to get things moving. Don’t give up – keep making the calls and stay on the line. I hope they’ll get this figured out soon. And I’m so sorry that you aren’t getting what you need right now. If you have repeated problems that don’t seem to be getting addressed, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Unemployment benefits – OR

Reset passwords –

Business information help –

Business questions about work share –


Weekly claim information –


If you’re looking for work, there are some fields that are hiring. Despite the record number of layoffs, there are some industries that are experiencing increased demand for employees. The Department of Commerce has put together information on its website to help you find these jobs. Additionally, there’s a great deal of information there about federal resources designed to help small businesses weather this uncertain time. Again, if you have questions that you aren’t getting answered, don’t hesitate to ask me to help.

Information on places that are hiring:

Information on business resources:


Kansas Department of Health and Environment is still your best resource for information. There are daily updates, and useful information for families and business.

Additionally, there’s a new map and data site that is updated daily. This provides considerably more information about the spread of Covid-19 in Kansas. This is the map for April 1, but you can access the map through the main KDHE Coronavirus site.

Executive Orders issued by Gov. Laura Kelly

Kansas Department of Education

And Kansas State Board of Education


Federal response

If you want to dig through at 1,400 page bill, here’s a link for that

Here’s information from the Small Business Administration:

Here’s the information from the Department of Treasury:

The IRS has released some information about the economic impact payments:

And some info on Paid Leave:

There’s also some information about an employee retention credit:

Also, here’s some information about the Paid Family leave Congress passed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic:

If you’re not following Dr. Lee Norman on Twitter, you should. Do it here. Aside from the useful information you’ll get, you’ll have the chance to see him answer Coronavirus questions from kids – which might be the best thing you’ll see this month. Yes, even better than Tiger King.


We’re going to be in for a challenging month in April. The stay at home order will continue. We’re being told the peak of this won’t hit until April 24. We’re experiencing things we haven’t experienced before, and we’re navigating things we haven’t navigated before. Patience and grace will be needed to get through this. As well as creativity, resourcefulness, and perserverance. It’s OK to feel uneasy. I feel uneasy. I have friends who are losing their jobs. I have friends who don’t know how to keep their business afloat during this. I’m worried about people who struggled with lonliness, or addiction, before this started, who during this time can’t get the resources they need to maintain their lives, or their sobriety. I’m worried about people who where just starting to get ahead, who might have just lost their jobs. The world is shifting in ways we couldn’t have imagined. But, we have each other. We have our community. And this won’t last forever.

Take care, and stay healthy.






  • Posted April 2, 2020

    Jen lyle

    Try being a healthcare worker like me. The hospital is on high alert. Been there almost 26 years I’ve never seen anything like this.

  • Posted April 3, 2020

    Peg Atephens

    This is excellent info. Hope people take advantage of it.

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